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    Question Get client description (or other details such as online_since) from TS3 PHP Framework


    I've been looking and searching but haven't been able to find a method to fetch that information for a client in my server. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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    I found a solution!

    $client = $this->ts3->clientGetByUid($uid);
    $var = $client->getInfo();
    $var will contain the following keys (for future reference and SEO):
    clid, cid, client_database_id, client_nickname, client_type, client_away, client_away_message, client_flag_talking, client_input_muted, client_output_muted, client_input_hardware, client_output_hardware, client_talk_power, client_is_talker, client_is_priority_speaker, client_is_recording, client_is_channel_commander, client_unique_identifier, client_servergroups, client_channel_group_id, client_channel_group_inherited_channel_id, client_version, client_platform, client_idle_time, client_created, client_lastconnected, client_icon_id, client_country, connection_client_ip, client_badges, client_outputonly_muted, client_default_channel, client_meta_data, client_version_sign, client_security_hash, client_login_name, client_totalconnections, client_flag_avatar, client_talk_request, client_talk_request_msg, client_description, client_month_bytes_uploaded, client_month_bytes_downloaded, client_total_bytes_uploaded, client_total_bytes_downloaded, client_nickname_phonetic, client_needed_serverquery_view_power, client_default_token, client_myteamspeak_id, client_integrations, client_base64HashClientUID, connection_filetransfer_bandwidth_sent, connection_filetransfer_bandwidth_received, connection_packets_sent_total, connection_bytes_sent_total, connection_packets_received_total, connection_bytes_received_total, connection_bandwidth_sent_last_second_total, connection_bandwidth_sent_last_minute_total, connection_bandwidth_received_last_second_total, connection_bandwidth_received_last_minute_total, connection_connected_time

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