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    Allow Server Groups to be used within Channel Group alignments

    My current understanding is that if I have a Channel Group called "ChannelGroupAllowedAccessA" and I want to align "User1" to that group in the "Monday" channel, then I am able to do so using either their Client Unique ID or Client Database ID.

    However, lets say that at a later date "User2" and "User3" also need to be added then I would need to repeat the above exercise, which is fine to a degree unless of course User1, User2 and User3 also happen to be part of the same Server Group, at which point it would be convenient to be able to reference the Server Group instead of each individual user within the Channel Group.

    Suggestion #1: rename the current "Add" button within channel group alignments to "Add Client"
    Suggestion #2: add an "Add Server Group" button within channel group alignments.

    The benefits as I see them are it removes duplication of effort and helps avoid missing anything. For example, if for some reason you added them to the ServerGroup but accidentally forgot to align then to one of the Channel Groups.

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    This would also add even more complexity to the current mess that is TeamSpeak 3's permissions dialog.

    I'd rather suggest to dump the entire thing and come up with something clean that is easier to use.

    Right now, it's way too technical with everything kinda crammed into tabs of the same dialog with two of those tabs being utterly useless until you drop a client ID in there and lots of buttons some of which open up even more windows.

    We need a clean and simple UI concept here which the average user can understand with options to go into details when needed.

    There are far too many people out there who are overwhelmed by TeamSpeak's permission system, resulting in misconfigured servers which then get "hacked" because server owners messed up their group permissions in a way that allows random users to gain privileges which they are not supposed to have.

    All these "special use cases" which hardly ever occur in the wild led to this powerful but super complicated permissions system which the average gamer simply doesn't understand.

    Let's not make it more complicated by adding even more buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomHost View Post
    This would also add even more complexity to the current mess that is TeamSpeak 3's permissions dialog...
    Thank-you for your opinion.

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