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    Multiplay shuts down / closes

    Some of you may be aware that Multiplay is closing it's doors. They are not taking on any more clients and will be shutting down existing services on February 28th.

    Anyone with a contract after this point will be receiving refunds for the remaining duration of their contract.

    Migration of your user database should in theory be possible if you contact multiplay support and ask for a copy of your servers database and then forward this to your new host. (It would be wise to check your potential new host will accept this database first.)

    I do intent to begin a search shortly for a new host as I've been with Multiplay for years but as I'm now on the market so to speak for this; does anyone have recommendations? I need GB host location and preferably with full server logging possibilities. This was my main gripe with multiplay in that they would not enable logging for kicks/bans and the like.


    PS. Happy new year all.

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    you have 3 options:
    a: OVH
    b: a
    c: b

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    I would say, try
    They have fantastic servers. Here is a 5 euros coupon code for all of their servers: 36nc14956541780

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    Need a new host...

    So i have been using and they are no longer going to be hosting Teamspeak servers. I need a new host. They have me a back up file of the server. So i would need to restore it as well.
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    Netcup is located in Nuremberg. Probably not the best choice for Brits.

    If you just want to host TeamSpeak on a VPS, head over to Low End Box's UK deals. That site lists low end (tiny) VPS offers. If you run an x86 OS via OpenVZ (that term includes Virtuozzo) with only TS and a static website, you will need around 80 MB of RAM for an unregistered TeamSpeak server and 128 MB for the NPL or Sponsorship License (both of which do not currently exist). A dynamic website, KVM or x64 will require more RAM. I do not know of any Low End Box offer that has that little RAM.
    More importantly, you need experience with servers if you don't want to pose a risk for your users and the internet.

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    You can use they have a move offer with coupon code MOVE.

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