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    activation of microphone

    Hello, I installed TS last September and it worked as it should. Now I came back after a brake and since yesterday the Tiny Symbol:activate Microphone is Grey and cant be activated. As well are other Options Grey: Rights, Profiles aso.
    All components in the Options are set and I can do test with microphone (Push-to-talk, Permanent, activation speak)and can perform the test.
    Since i had massive Trouble to enter help Center and everything else I made now an new account and started from sratch. I activated the Client and this help Forum with te requested emails.
    But still it says in the Options: connected as detailor and stay logged, but at the Bottom Right it says Im not connected. And i try to run TS since 24 houres, reeinstelled, cleared, checked all widow Settings tried different Headphones and three different mics. And they all work in other applications. I read the two Google pages to find that Problem sopulutions. I am tired now. What am I doing wrong? Can someone explain to me whats wrong and i can not use all the Grey functions? Is there any Chat room where i can test it? Because i logged in many times into a Server, I could here them but they did not hear me.
    and where can I join any Chanel to test These?

    Your help would be verry appreciated, Thxc in Advance

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    "Activate microphone" is grey because your mic is active already or no capture profile is available or you are not connected to a server.
    This would also explain why Profiles is also greyed out.

    Make sure 1. a profile is available under Options -> Caputre and 2. this capture profile is selected in your bookmark.

    Please read the part with You can't hear or talk? Your Device is disabled on server?
    It explains and helps for us known problems with speaker or microphone.


    Most of Permissions is disabled when you do not own permissions.


    You can join and create a channel there or any other server.


    Options dialog only shows you when you are logged with your myTeamSpeak account (in status bar shown as a grey or blue cloud).
    The work Disconnected in status bar means you are not connected to a TS server.
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