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    Multiple connections from one app.

    I've created an application in c# using the Teamspeak SDK.

    I'd like my app to connect to multiple channels and so have created 3 connections (at the moment).

    This works great, with each connection doing what I want it to.


    I'm not able to use the capture device 3 times for the 3 connections.
    I can use the Playback device with no issues.

    I can use the capture device twice but no more than that, as below.

    The above code allows the capture device to be used on Connections 1 and 3.
    If I move the device (mic) to connection 2 then connections 2 and 3 will work.
    If I specify the device (mic) in two of the connections, then only one of those two connections will work.
    Where as if I specify the capture device on all 3 connections or leave all 3 connections empty, the capture device will only work on connection 3 (the last declared OpenCapture).

    Is it possible to use one mic with more than 2 connections?

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    I've realised that I can only use the capture device with the last defined connection.

    If somebody does know of a way to use the same capture device with multiple connections, I'd appreciate the solution.

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    Hi ATC_ROO,

    from the documention :
    When connecting to multiple servers with the same client, the capture device can only be active for one server at the same time. As soon as the client connects to a new server, the Client Lib will deactivate the capture device of the previously active server. When a user wants to talk to that previous server again, the client needs to reactivate the capture device.
    So you can only have one active "capture-device-server" for you ts3 client. But you can manage to switch between the different server connexion to active the one you want to use.

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    Thanks Vincent.
    Yup that's what I've found and is what I've been doing.

    I only ask as I'm trying to mimic an Air Traffic Control VCCS (Voice Communication and Control Sysyem) for use with flight simulation.

    Similar to the picture below.

    So if the end user is using the connection for a phone call to another controller, I would like them to still be able to transmit to an aircraft on the radio connection.

    Transmitting on multiple radio freqs/connections at the same time Would also be nice.

    One thing I thought about is recording the capture device and sending it with a small delay as a custom capture for each connection.
    I'm not sure if that's possible?

    Ive also found I can use 2 capture devices if one is DirectInput and the other a windows audio device.

    I'm probably going to go down that route at the moment, but that still limits me to 2 transmissions.

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