I've created an application in c# using the Teamspeak SDK.

I'd like my app to connect to multiple channels and so have created 3 connections (at the moment).

This works great, with each connection doing what I want it to.


I'm not able to use the capture device 3 times for the 3 connections.
I can use the Playback device with no issues.

I can use the capture device twice but no more than that, as below.



The above code allows the capture device to be used on Connections 1 and 3.
If I move the device (mic) to connection 2 then connections 2 and 3 will work.
If I specify the device (mic) in two of the connections, then only one of those two connections will work.
Where as if I specify the capture device on all 3 connections or leave all 3 connections empty, the capture device will only work on connection 3 (the last declared OpenCapture).

Is it possible to use one mic with more than 2 connections?