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    One friend connection is slow, cannot fix it, been for over 2 months

    Hello, So im a admin of my own teamspeak server, been hosting it for a couple of years.
    But one friend cannot join, i run a free 32 Slot version.

    Evreyone can join it, its absolutly no problem, but my one friend cannot, when he keep trying he finaly get in
    But when he gets into the server its a really slow start up, my rooms and rest is loading up really slow, as fast evreyone
    been loaded in, he get a time out.
    Could the problem be cause of the icon errors he gets? i got around 30 icons for server groups.

    When he joines he get " cannot find the server icon" spam x30

    but thats the only thing i could think of

    im ruinning 3.5.1 version

    Please help.
    Best regards Rizitrix

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    I'd say your friend has a few network issues and this is not a teamspeak related problem. Try transmitting some files from your server to his pc and see how fast it will load (and try smth like mtr to analyse packet loss)

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