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    Can't connect to local server from outside until someone recently connected locally

    Hey, basically the heading describes it.
    I'm running a linux 32-bit version of the latest Teamspeak server version. It's running flawlessly on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ via eltechs exagear emulator. I forwarded the ports 9887 10011 and 30033 to the Raspberry.
    I can connect locally and when I test my public IP I can connect without problems and my friends too. Then I can disconnect and stay disconnected and it's still reachable from outside my LAN (I don't know for how long exactly). The next day it's always that I have to connect once via the local IP before someone can connect with my public IP again.

    Is there maybe a solution to this error? What could be causing it?
    I'm thankful for any help!

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    hi i think i see your problem

    9887 10011 and 30033 to the Raspberry.

    Port 9987 not 9887 as default ports are all correct check you forwarded correct port through unless you have changed it

    you can always try to DMZ your pi in the router to test it
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