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    [HELP PLEASE] Check if a Unique ID is in a specific server group


    I'm trying to check if a Unique ID (which the system already got) is in a specific server group or not. If it is it should echo A, if not it should echo B.

    foreach($ts3_VirtualServer->serverGroupClientList(19432) as $vip){
    foreach($arr_ClientList as $ts3_Client)
    if(in_array($ts3_Client[$uid], $vip)){

    echo 'VIP ja';
    echo 'VIP nein';
    I tried this, which I found through googling, but this one doesn't work.

    And also how to check if there are more than 1 or for e.g. more than 3 users in a specific server group, then echo A else echo B

    PS: If there is anyone who can easily write stuff like this in a matter of minutes and wouldn't charge too much, I would pay someone to write me some custom scripts like that.
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    Sent you a PM.

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