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    Serverquery: clientmove 'command not found'


    I upgraded my ts3 from 3.3.x (cant remember that x) to 3.7.1

    Also I'm using my own bot to manage my little community ts3 server, and I noticed my bot wouldnt move people into the afk channel (some kind of really classic automover : 30 minutes idle = automove to disgnated afk channel) for that purpose I use clientmove.

    here is a typical response from the server when I try to move them away :

    clientmove clid=7|clid=16 cid=30
    { id: 256, msg: 'command not found' }
    which would work before the update, any ideas on why it doesnt now ?

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    Can not reproduce that here.

    Have you tried that without any 3rd party tool?
    And are you sure that you did overwrite all files when updating the server? If you are not sure try this again.
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    I cleaned and reinstalled a node module I use in this bot project. It deleted a patch I made directly on it, cause I didnt take the time to fork it. this patch made that specific part work. It then failed. It has nothing to do with the new ts

    TLDR : problem was from me

    EDIT: it seems I cant edit the post to tag it as Resolved

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