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    Please change the plugin status button

    Hey all,

    i love to play GTA Roleplay. Currently i support a german roleplay server with about 1000 active people daily. For in game communication we use a teamspeak plugin, and every day there are many people haveing issues with our TS3 plugin. I mean it should be obvious but people can't read and so they guess the plugin status wrong. They join the support and i ask them if their plugin is activated or deactivated. Mostly they tell me it's activated and i have to ask them to not guess the status but just read what the plugin status button is saying... then they sit there and say it says "deactivated" and i wanna just kill myself -.-

    could you please change the plugin status button to something more obvious for all the lazy people out there? like activated is green or give it a checkbox.

    kind regards


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    Maybe this will be better in TS5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hutstaender View Post
    Hey all,

    read what the plugin status button is saying... then they sit there and say it says "deactivated" and i wanna just kill myself -.-


    give it a checkbox.
    This. Use toggel switches or checkboxes and put a slight grey overlay on the plugin description when its deactivated, so its easily distinguishable what is activated and deactivated by just looking on the list.

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