is it possible to use the filetransfer protocol with the api?
I checked currently my files with the server query:
[email protected](1):online> ftgetfilelist cid=1 cpw= path=/
cid=1 path=\/ name=myfile.tar.gz size=5245060 datetime=1548670554 type=1
error id=0 msg=ok
[email protected](1):online> ftinitdownload clientftfid=1 name=\/myfile.tar.gz cid=1 cpw= seekpos=0
clientftfid=1 serverftfid=2 ftkey=u8DauuKGoue8PqSpEfOXP5YtO36j02Hr port=30033 size=5245060 proto=0
error id=0 msg=ok
How can I download now this file? Is there any api documentation for the fileserver (port 30033)?

kind regards