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    How can I add rank icons to each person within my clan.

    I have downloaded then uploaded a number of icons and now I'd like to assign my officers and men their ranks in teamspeak

    Can anyone help me on this?


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    well, perhaps i can help with this.
    i copied a servergroup (in my case admin groups, and unselected ALL permission, and changes the 75 value to 0)
    changed the icon on it.
    its a tricky thing, but it works, with the option -nosingleinstance after the ts3client.exe i was able to start multiple TS3 clients (after i made a copy in a other directory) to test it out.

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    Upload Icon as normal to the server.

    Simplest, if you are not using the i_icon_id permission in client permissions already for anything else you can assign it there.

    Or do as suggested above. The above suggestion as the added benefit that if a user is not familiar with the rank icons you are using you can name the server group with the rank and they can be read by hovering the icon in the channel tree or selecting the client and reading it in the client info pane.

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