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    Much Packet Loss

    Server changed, fixed
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    To demonstrate the packet loss you could run a tcpdump looking for your test client's IP address. This will capture the full payload between the server and your test client and write it out to file:

    tcpdump -nei <<INTERFACE-TO-LISTEN-ON, e.g. eth0/ens33>> -s0 -w <<FILENAME>>.pcap host <<IP-ADDRESS-OF-CLIENT>>
    You will also need an equivalent capture running on your client looking for the server IP address. It's important to have both captures running simultaneously. If you're on Windows, install Wireshark, which you can also use to analyse packet captures. Wireshark will capture all traffic on your client by default, so you will want to filter-out any noise before you send it onto anyone. Once you've stopped your capture, put the following in the display filter:

    ip.addr == <<IP-OF-YOUR-SERVER>>
    You can use the "Export Specified Packets" interface under the File menu to export all of the displayed packets.

    Ultimately you may want to raise a ticket first before you try the above, as it can take a little time to do and support may not even want them, but if they do, then they may also want you to gather other data at the same time, so by asking them up-front you may save yourself duplicating effort.

    They may also be able to tell you what situations they want you to capture under. Maybe they'll ask for a pair (i.e. client and server) of captures from an unencrypted connection followed by a second set of captures of an encrypted one.

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    So this only happens while encryption is enabled for all channels?

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