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    Microphone profil troubles


    I have made one mistake and i have deleted my mike default profile. Now, on some servers my mike works but on the one i was connected when i deleted my default profile it doesn't. I mean my mic is disabled. And also i can't create new profiles for mike.

    I hope you could help me.


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    That the deletion is possible is a bug.
    And you are not the first user in short time doing that. Wondering why user started doing this

    The only fix we can offer is to delete the client config in case a client restart did not help.
    But before you should use/create myTeamSpeak to synchronize your bookmarks and identities or else you will have to start from scratch!

    Quote Originally Posted by copper View Post
    Q: Where are my profiles, chat logs, and client logs?
    A: It's located in ~/.ts3client (The absolute path is /Users/[your_user_name]/.ts3client) Note that the folder is Hidden. If you don't want to navigate it using Terminal, go to Finder, and select Go --> Go to Folder... and enter the full path /Users/[user_name]/.ts3client

    Note: Newer versions uses the folder
    ~/Library/Application\ Support/TeamSpeak\ 3/
    instead. Note"\ " means space (shell escaped for bash)
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