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    Port 9987 not listening or open but 10011 and 30033 are open

    I'm setting up a TS3 server for the first time, and I'm pretty new at this. Port forwarding works for 10011 and 30033 (I can view them as open from the outside), but 9987 is never open (times out, and one port checker said it was being filtered). I've set all three up similarly (except 9987 is UDP and the others are TCP). My firewall is temporarily disabled. My ISP says they do no port filtering or blocking.

    Viewing the ports from the computer's side I see the following in the attached image. 9987 doesn't say it's LISTENING or in any other state. It says it's received and sent packets, but maybe that's just to the TS3 client I have running on this machine. :
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    Any ideas on how I can get 9987 working? Also why is the TS3 server trying to use 10 ports instead of the 3 I've heard it should be using?


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    Everything on your Screenshot is OK as long Einstein / einstien is the right address.

    UDP isn't shown as listening because it is a stateless protocol.
    External port checkers can not check for UDP ports.
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