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    I have created server on raspberry pi 3, I can connect with my PC but others can't.

    Good midnight

    I managed to create a server on my PC running windows and everything goes well. I am activaly hosting it for a year now but as you can imagine, server wasn't running when I turned off my pc... so I bought raspberry:

    I have succesfully created teamspeak server on raspberry pi 3 B+ using ExaGear(not trial, I bought it).
    I already made my stuff with permissions and server groups so I tranferred important data from my PC to raspb using this post:
    I copied everything I could on usb and so on... This was after the first server launch on raspb.
    When I started server, with my copied files, everything went well and I could connect to the server using my PC and server was looking as before except it was running on linux.
    I changed Internal host on opened ports in my router for raspb and gave my public IP to friends that usually hang out on my server but they couldn't join

    I left already opened ports(9987, 30033, 10011) as they were from before only changed internal host ip from my PC's to Raspb's
    I am using Raspbian installed via Noobs
    Rasbp is connected via ethernet cable
    Router is huawei HG8245H and is connected by optical cable

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    What error message do your friends receive? Do you see anything in your TeamSpeak server's logs?

    If it's a connectivity issue perhaps you could run a packet capture on your Raspberry Pi to check if your friends traffic is arriving on the voice port? For example:

    tcpdump -nni <INTERFACE-TO-LISTEN-ON, e.g. eth0/ens33>> port 9987
    To confirm the tcpdump is configured correctly, if you try and use TeamSpeak from your PC to connect to your Raspberry Pi you will see the tcpdump start to display a lot of output, which will be a textual description of a 2-way conversation between you PC and the Raspberry Pi.

    Assuming that worked, stop the capture, disconnect from TeamSpeak, then start the capture again and ask one of your friends to connect. Let us know if you can see their traffic.

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