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    My Identity says its a music bot

    So in my Teamspeak when I go into permissions to view who has server groups, instead of displaying my nickname it says "TS3MusicBot" and when I remove ServerAdmin from myself i puts in the server chat as this...
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    Sorry for the black ink but that's just my IP that is being displayed to everyone. If anyone knows how to fix this please feel free to reply below.

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    Assuming that the music bot is running off your computer, it probably uses the same (probably "default") identity as your regular client. Since server groups are bound to identities, removing them removes them from every client that shares the same identity.

    The permissions dialog is a usability nightmare. As you probably realized by now, the server represents an identity by a nickname. Since an identity can be known under a couple of different nicknames but there is only that one line in the list view, the server kinda just picks one of them. I can't remember whether it's the first or the last "seen" nickname.

    Regarding the visible IP address: you can set a nickname using the "clientupdate client_nickname=ServerAdmin" command before carrying out actions using the query interface that would otherwise expose your IP address to connected clients. I believe YaTQA and other tools using the query interface got support for configuring that somewhere.

    You are probably using the same identiy with one of those tools so this is why the server now also associates that awkward default query client nickname with your identity.

    I really don't know who thought this was a good idea when they added the query interface.
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