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    clientdblist - very slow since 3.1

    Starting with 3.1, I encountered a performance drop of this command which now takes several hundred percent longer to execute. Friends and I encountered it on different machines. I'm using SQlite and an x86 server.
    My ultra-low-end testing machine (ultra-low-end means 29 seconds puzzle precompute) has 1424 database entries and "clientdblist duration=200" now takes 2.5 seconds instead of less than 1 second. My procuction machine now takes 1 second to execute this command on a database with several thousand entries while the execution time was hardly noticable in 3.0 servers. Both servers use (the originally same) database that was created with 3.0.0-beta1.

    I did not find any change in the related .sql file (not the updates, though), nor does changing the plugin file make any difference. So I don't know what causes this.

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    It's a known issue that we're investigating.
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    You may have seen following already.

    We improved the speed in server 3.7.0 and released the first beta version > Release thread.
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