Hey there again,

after reading around a while I didn't find an answer on that yet, also it seems like not many people are really using that feature or never tried to break things or just never replied on the old threats.

My problem is the ignoration of a channel permission for the i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power.

SG i_client_private_textmessage power set to 20 no skip flag, no overall skip flag
CG has no permissions - so, hardly to ignore here

Channel Permission everywhere on the server don't touch the textmessage power at all - I double check it
Channel Permission on target channel i_client_needed_private_textmessage power set to 75

Client A and B have the same groups and also the same permissions as written above.

Client B joins the target channel with the needed power of 75. Client A can't write to Client B, that's alright until here BUT:
Client B writes a message to Client A, Client A can now reply on that message, means the needed power is going to be ignored. This wouldn't be a hard problem but also if Client B is joining another channel to rejoin the channel where he should not receive private textmessages Client A is still able to write him.
Is that meant to be like this? Is there a timer until a reply is not possible anymore? If so, why is there not a permission to set a "wait_for_reply" in seconds?

Would be nice to get some help here. Maybe I am just stuck in my head and don't see the solution.

Anyways, have a nice - whatever time it is where you are.
Cheers, lightpsycho