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Thread: Android static

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    Android static

    I'm using a Galaxy tab e, latest Android and the moment I join a teamspeak server my ear phones produce static. Doesn't go away even after I shut it down. In have to restart phone.

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    I've got another issue now. I got this consistent murmuring/static sound in my headset. And I think mouse as a rule delivers another static sound over it. The best way to somewhat smother it is by turning intensifier sliders to no higher than 30%. But then I fail to do my research paper project on sound intensification.
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    Ya still messes up. If I change anything in the aqdvanced sound, it astops all sounds in android until restart

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    I figured it out, you have to change it to mic and not voice communication in the advanced audio settings. It never seemed to work because it required a restart of my tablet.

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