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    Allowing multiple users on single laptop with 2-4 USB headsets

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to create a game for some kids to play so that they can learn more about my company.

    We would like kids between a wall to talk to each other via a
    that has a mic on it.

    Our ideal solution would be to have 2-4 USB headphones connected to a single USB Hub that is connected to a laptop. Then having a package like Teamspeak to allow them to talk to each other. I was wondering if that's possible or if there is a way of doing this?

    Thanks very much for your help with this!

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    This is possible as long the USB Hub delivers enough energy for these devices

    All you need to do is following:
    - Under Tools -> Options you create 3 new capture & 3 new playback profiles
    - In each profile you select a different device
    - Under Bookmarks -> Manage Boo.. enable "go advanced" left from the OK button.
    - Create 4 bookmarks and in each bookmark you set a different capture profile and playback profile.
    - Now connect to a each bookmark in a new tab
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