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    Audio crashes in games. Microphone problem.

    Hello. I've got really big problem with my TS3 client. I bought new headset Creative Sound BlasterX H6 and there's a problem I can't solve. It happens when I'm playing games, after 2-3 minutes sound starts to stutter for 2-3 seconds and there's no sound from TS3 and my micro isn't working. I tried to reinstall drivers, use direct sound/windows audio session capture.

    27.02.2019 17:04:50	Windows Audio Session	Error	[Capture] GETNEXTPACKETSIZE: AUDCLNT_E_DEVICE_INVALIDATED (0x88890004) - Microphone (Sound BlasterX H6)	
    27.02.2019 17:04:50	Windows Audio Session	Error	[Playback] GET_CURRENT_PADDING: AUDCLNT_E_DEVICE_INVALIDATED (0x88890004) - Zestaw sluchawkowy (Sound BlasterX H6)
    I don't know what does it mean. And it happens every time, sometimes also game sound crashes. Previously I had Creative SoundBlaster EVO headset and everything was fine. Headset use USB to connect with PC.

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    The client did not receive a expected data package in time.

    Could be everything starting from a driver conflict, a broken cable or USB port or not enough power on that USB port.
    You may check all of them.
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    Problem solved. It was NVIDIA Audio Driver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Already View Post
    Problem solved. It was NVIDIA Audio Driver.
    Hey, i bought this Headset yesterday and got now the same problem...can u say me what did u do... where or what was the problem with the Nvidia Audio driver ??

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