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    Show serverquery like an user?

    Hello there.
    I am about to develop a script for my server.

    I would like to show the connected serverquery on the user list (on a channel that the query is already available on).
    So people can write to the query whenever they want.

    (I have found that information about faviourites where I can enable the option to see serverqueries but I would like to show the query to every user that is online on server.)

    Is that possible?
    If yes how it can be done?

    Thanks for help!

    Greetings frishu.

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    You can not show a ServerQuery connection as a user. It will always be a Query client.

    You need to set a low or non value in permission i_client_needed_serverquery_view_power and a client needs to enable that he wants to see such ServerQuery.
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    Another possible option, if you can run the TS3 client have it connect and then use the script through the client query plugin... Maybe, as I've not tested that, though I've used client query some and it appears to act very close to using server query. I do think you would have to make sure that client is in a server group with permissions to run the required serverquery commands.

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    Client Query does have some limitation. Not all features are available (e.g. file transfers) and many features are asynchronous, which makes programming way harder.
    Messaging however should work.

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