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    Team Speak reaches 100% CPU !

    Using Team Speak (64bit) for many years and never really had any problem with it. It ran cleanly, didn't need much resources and everything was perfect. Now I have equipped my PC with new subsystems (Gigabyte Z390, Intel 8700k, 32GB ram).

    Unfortunately Team Speak hasn't been running properly since then. If I have TS running and am in a game, then one CPU core goes up to 90-100% after a few minutes. I close the game and all applications (except TS) the core stays at 90-100% and doesn't recover anymore. If I close TS, everything is normal again. System is OC, but sufficiently cooled. Problem is still there with or without OC activated.

    With Aida64 and HWiNFO I don't notice any other problems. Temperature of the individual CPU cores is below 50, all other cores work without any issues. Prime95 testing results no issues at all. Discord as an alternative communication works perfectly without problems. I updated all drivers (also audio), reinstalled latest version TS, also reinstalled an older version TS. What I will do is change from the TS 64bit version to the 32bit version. No changes or success visible so far.

    I would be happy for any tip or hint what I could do else.

    Thank you very much!

    P.S. Using Win10 Pro 64bit
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    Well, after many try and error I think I found the issue. Because I do OC to 5GHz I was checking the temps in Aida64 and other CPU monitoring tool. It looks that this combination to monitor so closely the CPU was not good for TS.

    > Problem solved, not an Team Speak issue.

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