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    MacOS Development

    I am interested in developing TS3 plugins, and have started learning C++. However, it seems that everything I find in regards to plugin development is for Windows. I have a Macbook Pro I have been learning on, but I can't find anything in regards to building a plugin on macOS.

    I can spin up a Windows 10 VM, where I use Visual Studio and can work with C++ and get some test plugins built for Windows, but haven't found anything on building for MacOS on Windows.

    I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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    There is nothing really special about it. Just compile a regular 64 bit library and export the required symbols/functions to work with the teamspeak client.

    A build tool (make, cmake, ...) can help a lot here.

    I don't know XCode, but I guess there is some "dynamic/shared library" project template. Otherwise adapt this XCode project.

    Or if you wanna compile manually, just google around a bit (eg.

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