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    TS3 freezes on startup (Pytson)

    Hey guys,
    since yesterday evening my ts stopped working.
    Everytime I start it the program freezes and then crashes after some seconds.
    This started after updating my Nvidia drivers.
    I already rolled them back but it still doesn't work.
    Maybe some of you encounter the same problem or know how to fix it?
    Thx for your help

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    Try to start the client with parameter -safemode to ensure that no plugin caused this. Maybe Pytson plugin does this.

    Could also be that tuning software for the graphics card is installed on your system.
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    Disabling Pytson actually fixed the problem.
    Thanks for your quick answer.

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    Your pytson config seems broken. Deleting C:\\Users\\alexander\\AppData\\Roaming\\TS3Client\ \pyTSon\\pyTSon.conf could help.

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