Windows 7 pro, 2 different computers (8 core amd, 7 core intel), latest windows updates, latest drivers for everything. Connected to the router or directly connected to the modem... both computers are connected by their own lan cable.

Sitting with a group of friends, or sitting by myself... all of a sudden TS comes up with a lost connection. The common "culprit" is the modem, a Technicolor which has the flaky Puma chipset...

The client side will report the lost connection (no others connected have an issue) and usually between 5 and 15 seconds it will re-connect. The server log shows "PktHandler |1 |Dropping client 6 because of ping timeout 19 0 0".

I ran WireShark, filtering for our server IP and watched... a TON of small packets (13 or 15 bytes) are constantly being sent every second or so (why so many??) and I didn't see any major difference between being connected or being dropped and waiting to be connected back again.

I suspect that possibly the volume of packets being sent, in combination with the crappy Puma chipset, is whats causing it but that's just speculation on my part. Any suggestions on what/how to do more trouble shooting? And is there a way to slow down that ping traffic volume from the server?