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    My TeamSpeak is stopping responding when entering the server! (Win XP)

    Post ENGLISH:

    Hello, I'm using Google Translate to write this post, I'm Brazilian and I do not speak English, sorry for any errors.

    Well, when I'm going to connect to some TeamSpeak server and it has a lot of rooms, TeamSpeak stops responding, sometimes if I wait, it usually comes in, but it's kind of boring to wait, and there are times that it's no use waiting. Does anyone know the solution to this?

    I use Windows XP, TeamSpeak is from version, it goes into multiple servers, it just does not go into some that has many rooms. Thank you, if you have an answer for this, tell me.

    (No, the problem is not in Windows XP)

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    Your client and operation system are outdated and not supported.

    You need at least Windows 8.1 to use the latest client and drivers on your system.

    Quote Originally Posted by yleo_samp View Post
    (No, the problem is not in Windows XP)
    You know why you wrote that?! (this wasn't a question)
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