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    [Request] Deactivate Microphone Timer (5sec)


    I cough and sneez or blow my nose often and i am currently using a hotkey to deactivate my micophone when doing so. Sometimes i forget to activate the microphone and so my friends, we all know the issue.
    is there a way to deactivate the microphone, for lets say 5 seconds, and it reactivates automatically?
    If not, i would like it to be implemented for convenience.
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    Here, I made a plugin for you.

    Just set hotkey and for how many seconds you wanna to unmute in configuration window.

    Client 3.1.1+ (API 22) SHA1 Hash: 81BEE3364895299225D03185E148994049A5768E

    Platforms: win32, win64

    Source Code is at Github.

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