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    My Teamspeak Server Data has completely reset to defaults

    Hello! My name is Matt and I've owned a teamspeak server for 21 days now and up until this point everything was going great. I created a lot of channels in a good order as well as server groups with correct permissions which was extremely tedious. I connect to the server today to find out ALL of the data has reset to what the default server state was when I first purchased it.

    I tried restoring snapshots from the host of the server although it has not returned back to the previous state.
    It's not to do with the payment because it's a monthly subscription and it's only been 21 days since purchase.

    Is there any reason why this has happened or how it can be fixed? I spent a lot of time developing the server and for this to happen it's incredibly irritating.

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    A server does not do this on it's own.

    Please contact your host to get this solved. Possibly he deleted the database or the virtual server or the database.
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