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    Cannot enable grayed permission "b_channel_create_child" on TS3 server

    Hi y'all,

    Can someone explain to me why I cannot set the permissions "b_channel_create_child" and/or "i_channel_max_depth" on a channel group, server group, channel permissions etcetera for a TS3 server?

    I need to allow these two permissions because these are neccesary for allowing guests to create a sub-channel for temporary use.. Only issue is, when I enable these earlier mentioned permissions and click on "Close" it does not apply, after re-opening the permissions screen it is grayed out once again...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Are you a owner of the server?
    If you aren’t, it may not work because your modify power cannot modify group permissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshGamingYT_ View Post
    Are you a owner of the server?
    If you aren’t, it may not work because your modify power cannot modify group permissions.
    I have all permissions not the owner of the server but can create groups and change it's permissions, other permissions are no problem, if I want to enable "b_channel_create_temporary" it just enables the permission. But "b_channel_create_child" refuses to enable, also "i_channel_max_depth" cannot be enabled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziraxie View Post
    I have all permissions
    You don't have them.

    When Grant is disabled on these you have to contact the owner (the person with Query admin access) to fix these.
    What to do when the Server Admin group is screwed up
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