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    My plugin causes weird crashes I can't explain myself

    Some information first:
    • I am using C++/CLI (C++ on windows with .NET bindings)
    • I am using the newest version of the TS3 Client

    So my issue lies in the following code:
    PHP Code:
    1  |void rebuildChannelList(uint64 schid) {
    2  |    ts3.logMessage("Rebuilding channeltree..."LogLevel_DEBUG"wk"schid);
    3  |
    4  |    Lists::channels->Clear(); // Empty current lists
    5  |    Lists::errors->Clear();
    6  |
    7  |    uint64result;
    8  |    int success ts3.getChannelList(schid, &result);
    9  |
    10 |    if (success) {
    11 |        ts3.logMessage("Successfully got the channel list"LogLevel_DEBUG"wk"schid);
    12 |        int i 0;
    13 |        while (result[i] != NULL) {
    14 |            Lists::channels->Add(result[i++]);
    15 |        }
    16 |        ts3.logMessage("Successfully built channel list"LogLevel_DEBUG"wk"schid);
    17 |    }
    18 |
    19 |    ts3.freeMemory(result);
    20 |    ts3.logMessage("Successfully freed channel tree memory"LogLevel_DEBUG"wk"schid);
    21 |} 
    • The Lists::channels list has a type of uint64
    • In this state, it logs the lines 2 and 11
    • Without the while loop in line 13-15, the plugin crashes, but still logs line 16.
    • With the while loop, but without the freeMemory in line 19, the client still crashes and does not log line 16.
    • ONLY and ONLY when removing the loop and the freeMemory statement in line 19, the client starts.

    So seemingly the error is in both right?
    But I cant seem to find where it is, and it is mandatory that the IDs are used in a List<uint64>^ CLI structure.

    Does anyone know a reason why this is happening? I have no idea anymore...

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    October 2015
    Germany, Bavaria
    Alright, appearently the issue happened because the client was not fully connected.
    So adding a line that checks if the client is fully connected fixed it.

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    The direct cause might be, that you let the client free an initialized pointer (result) if getChannelList was not successful.

    You should move your call to freeMemory in your condition block.

    Apart from that you should consider comparing the error code returned by api calls with the constants in public_errors.h.

    If getChannelList is successful, it will return ERROR_ok (=0), so 0 will evaluate to false in this context.

    if (0) {
      printf("0 is true\n");
    if (1) {
      printf("!=0 is true\n");

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    Yea I noticed that mistake later aswell. I am not used to using wannabe-bools that way.

    But thanks, now I know!

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