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    I'm going to assume that you guys were not aware that it would break the dialog and that this is not yet another example of poor planning. Am I riiiiiiight?

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    You really try to escalate this?

    No in my opinion you are not right.
    We (i take myself in here) saw that during testings. But i knew what plan we have for that dialog and what other more important things our developers are working on.
    And as said there is no client update that can fix or remove this thing from the past.
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    Man can no longer set channel types to the right.

    Since the TeamSpeak server version I can not set anymore that you can do temporary channels or Seme-Permanent or Permanent and if I try a few times the right system of the teamspeak client hangs up please fix this
    Last edited by dante696; May 21st, 2019 at 12:11 AM. Reason: merged. has nothing to do with server 3.8.0

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