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    Server Query Client Nickname is already in use error

    Hi, I've just updated my Teamspeak 3 server to version 3.7.0

    I've noticed what I think may be a bug, in this latest version.

    For context I've been using the following Teamspeak 3 NodeJS Bot - Steam-Ts. Which I'm not the Developer of. This bot allows us to verify (link) a Teamspeak User with their Steam Account, in order for them to be added to a Verified Group which allows us to reduce trolls, etc.


    On updating to version 3.7.0 I could no longer launch this bot, the bot uses the older telnet connection to Teamspeak's server query. On connecting to the server it assigns itself a set user name, in our case: "Steam-Verify-Bot".

    However, when I try start this bot now, I get the following error:
    id: 513, msg: 'nickname is already in use'
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    As the only change which has been made since receiving this error was the Server update to v3.7.0, I'm guessing this may be a bug with this version, as the nickname is certainly not in use when the Bot is not connected.

    Work Around:

    My only method to solve this is to get the bot to randomise its name on connection, e.g. "Steam-Verify-Bot123" or "Steam-Verify-Bot451", etc. As the bot does occasional disconnect, crash, etc. On reconnect it always states that the last used nickname is 'still' in use, and only assigning the bot a completely new nickname allows it to connect.

    As per the Change-log's for v3.7.0:
    Added: Restricted the amount of possible ServerQuery connections to five per IP.
           Whitelisted IPs ignore this limit, and the limit can be changed using
           `instanceedit serverinstance_serverquery_max_connections_per_ip=<limit>`
           in the ServerQuery.
    I've double checked this and this IP ( the bot runs on the same server as the Teamspeak 3 server. The IP is added to the whitelist and only has one other bot, i.e. 2 bots on the same IP.

    Hoping I could get any assistance, or if anyone else is noticing this error?
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