I know on some public servers (IE the TeamSpeak test server) guest users are allowed to create channels and that some of these servers have bans on nick names for various things (advertising, insults or whatever). But, there is none that apply to channel names short of putting a bot on a server with permissions to bans, but the channel would still be created at that point and the server tab will show that to channel name twice to everyone (create/delete) with default notifications. I think it should be fairly simple that if the ban is for a Name a "Also apply to channel names" checkbox could be added to the screen/parameters. Update the server side so that function that checks client nickname changes can receive and check channel name request as well. I would not ban the user attempting to create the channel, just fail the creation and report an error back to the user, just as they get if changing their nickname to a banned name.

Something to consider is if the user creating the channel has ignore bans if they can still create a channel that others users could not.