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    How can I make more PTT profiles

    So how do you make separate PTT profile for different games then and how do I activate easily? I play Eve Online and I tried to set up a separate profile from another game I play but it's not listed when I go to the playback and hotkey option mentioned in an earlier comment. I always have to go to the "default" option and change it every time I switch games.

    I hate to say it because I've been paying for a TS server for quite some time, but I HATE this app for game comms. Frustrating as hell. Mumble wins. Lol! Thank you in advance for your feedback though. The forums are wonderful at helping!
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    They aren't listed when no new profiles got created from you in the Options for Capture or Playback or Hotkeys.

    But what you need are different hotkeys in one hotkey or split in different hotkey profiles when it's only about different PTT keys or combinations.

    Create new hotkeys to activate the Capture profile where PTT is set.
    OR create different hotkey profiles with hotkeys in it to ensure that only these buttons from active hotkey profile trigger PPT.
    You can also create hotkeys to switch between the profiles

    OR more simply. Use one hotkey where a combination of 2 or more keys is set that you won't use in your games.
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