For my first Java project, I decided to create an open-source query bot since there are barely free and open-source bots available. I will continue developing this bot (features such as custom plugins comming soon), thus I'd appreciate any ideas or bug reports via GitHub to help this project to grow.

As this is my first bigger project, the code may not be perfect but I tested the bot on bigger server with up to >100 clients connected and it worked fine. However, if you run into any issues or when you have ideas for future releases, please open a new issue on GitHub or leave a comment below.

(for full documentation please refer to the corresponding GitHub repository)


  • Advertisement: Broadcasts a message to the whole server every X minutes.
  • Afk Manager: Moves a client to a specific channel when being idle for more than X minutes.
  • Name Checker: Scans client's nicknames and channel names for forbidden words.
  • Recording Checker: Searches for clients that are recording.
  • Support: When a client enters a certain channel, certain groups will be notified that a client requested help.
  • Welcome-Message: Sends a message to certain groups when connecting to the server.

Note that every setting can be adjusted by editing the configuration file, please see here for further information.

Getting Started

Download the latest release and upload the jar to your server.

Please ensure that the configuration file is in the same directory as the jar and adjust the values to successfully connect to the server.

Before starting the jar, please ensure that Java is installed. You can simply start the bot by using
java -jar butlerspeak-*.jar
Questions, bugs or enhancements?
All features are tested multiple times on bigger servers, but you can still run into some issues. Also, please get in touch with me if you have any questions for ehancements for further releases.
When any of the above matches your current situation, please let me know here. I'll try to help you as soon as possible.

It's free and open-source, why not give it a try? I would appreciate any feedback, questions or issues!