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    How can i find the ID of a permission

    Hello, I need those for this permission ID

    PHP Code:
    define('ICON_ID'142); // i_icon_id
    define('NEEDED_JOIN_POWER'137); // i_channel_needed_join_power
    define('NEEDED_SUBSCRIBE_POWER'139); // i_channel_needed_subscribe_power
    define('NEEDED_MODIFY_POWER'122); // i_channel_needed_modify_power 
    Thank you for help in advance.

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    Run ServerQuery command permidgetbyname and you get the latest ID for that permission.

    permidgetbyname permsid=i_icon_id
    permsid=i_icon_id permid=141
    error id=0 msg=ok
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    ID was established

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Subject to be closed.

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    DO NOT hardcode permission IDs. They change frequently and without notice. Work with SIDs whenever possible, only the results of permoverview and permfind will always yield IDs which must not be converted before successfully retrieving an up-to-date permissionlist from the server.

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    I have a bota query which is called xBot and that's the only way I can update these permissions, the 4 lines that I have given are in "config" and are used to make the bot that creates the channel create them with an icon if it depended on me I would prefer not to change these permissions from time to time, but the creator of xBot constructed this way

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