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    "Device" profile/ toggle

    Perhaps I missed it, or someone has discovered a relatively simple means to do this...

    I have a normal headset for when I'm generally using the computer with the ordinary monitor, and I have my VR headset with built-in microphone. When I switch, I have to switch the devices. I don't use "default device" because I normally play the game through my computer speakers, but use the headset for voice. The VR headset needs "all the things". It would be nifty if I had "F9" or something to tell TeamSpeak to switch to the Rift. Would anyone else have a way to deal with this?
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    Create a second Playback & recording profile and in the new profile you set the VR Headset as the Playback/Capture device and in the old profile you set the other desired device.

    Then you create a new hotkey and set Playback / Capture Profile -> Toggle .... or use activate profile and set the F9 key to this action.
    Possibly you need a second hotkey to switch back to the other profile.
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    Just saying: Don't be confused like I was after reading dante's answer the first time.
    If you only use 2 profiles you really can use the "Toggle" option. You need only one key to switch between those 2 profiles. A - imo - problem you get with 3 or more profiles if you should be in need to switch just instantly without counting or guessing in which profile you are currently. Here you should bind a profile hard to one key or keycombination - which is really better since you will in a lot of games and also while working run into issues with only one key used for profile switching - but this is a taste again and depends on what you do.

    And to just give you the hint if you should not know it already: You need to activate the advanced options in the hotkey add window to get the profile change options.

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