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    TS3 Toolkit: an Android serverquery app.

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    Hello fellow teamspeak users!

    I'm building an Android TeamSpeak serverquery app for a school project. I'd like to add as much functionality as possible and combine that with a beautiful UI.
    The app already has a couple of features, but it's not ready for a public release yet.
    It can:
    • View, poke and kick clients
    • View and delete bans
    • View, copy and delete privilege keys
    • Show network usage (to see if people are actually speaking or just AFKing)
    • Show some permissions with their descriptions
    • Mass kick/poke

    But I'd like to add a lot more. Since I have limited time for this project, I have to prioritize all the options. I really need your help with this.
    I need to do research about the features you want most. What you dislike about existing apps and what I could do to fix that.
    It would be great if some of you could fill out this Google form:
    (My school research project has finished, but I'm still very interested in your answers)

    As soon as my laptop gets repaired I will continue development on this app. Regular updates will be available for everyone.

    You can follow my progress on the official play store listing, I'll be sure to write good changelogs every time I update.

    And I already wrote some documentation on how to use the serverquery for the first time.

    I hope you guys can help me build a great app!

    - Kevin
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    Thanks for the replies to the form everyone!
    I'll send out a fresh batch of keys every weekend

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