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My tests proved that I can send 8150 characters as text with a ServerQuery bot (will that be the new limit? such an odd number, I'd expect something like 10000)
It is technically impossible to send a 10,000-character message. TeamSpeak commands are limited to 9203 bytes.

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The limit is actually 8192 (which is not an odd/random number) single byte characters.
The client is still limited to 1024, since there was no update yet (other than the security fix in 3.2.5).
Note that the client incorrectly counts escaped query characters (e.g. space) as two bytes, while the servers counts them as one byte in terms of the limit of the single parameter. This also exists for other limits like channel descriptions and offline messages. Offline messages are even limited by 4096 characters no matter what type.
Calculating the limit correctly (by still taking into account the 9203 byte command limit) however isn't that easy.