Good evening.
We released the beta version for upcoming server version 3.8.0.

I keep my list short this time. The changelog should speak for itself

  • We increased the maximum size for chats for upcoming clients.
  • The server now requires client Badges to be signed. This feature needs a client update to see badges from other clients again.
    We plan to release an update before the server beta ends. But at the moment we can not give you a release date for this.
  • Temporary passwords are now saved in the database and will load on server start.
  • We fixed the annoying error that got printed in the client log
  • And one last time:
    On Linux this server requires that at least glibc 2.17 is available on the system.

Here is the full changelog
=== Server Release 3.8.0 20 May 2019

Important: This releases requires GNU C library (glibc) 2.17 or later on Linux. If 
           you need to check which version of glibc is installed on your system, You 
           can use `ldd -version`, which usually comes with any glibc installation.
Important: Client badge information is now signed to prevent using fake data. Badges 
           in the old format will not be visible on this server. New clients with 
           support for signed badges will be available soon.

Added: The query command "banlist" now supports pagination parameters. Please refer 
       to the ServerQuery documentation for details.
Added: Temporary passwords are now saved in the database and will load on start.
Added: New command line parameters 'daemon' and 'pid_file'. This makes it possible 
       for the Server to start as a deamon.

Changed: The restart parameter in startscript now allows to use more than one start 
Changed: New server logs are no longer created with a BOM.
Changed: Icons set in Server or Channel will not be negative values any longer when 
         requested in ServerQuery.
Changed: In query commands 'clientlist -ip' and 'clientinfo -ip' the IPv6 of a client 
         won't show brackets any longer.
Changed: Max size of text messages has been increased to improve usability for upcoming
         client releases.

Fixed: In some rare case the server did crash when shutting down a virtual server.
Fixed: The restart parameter in startscript could not be used when performed outside 
       the server directory.
Fixed: Server did send can create channels to the weblist in cases where a client could 
       not create any channel.
Fixed: No more 'Error querying client connection info: 1796' messages in the client log.

Here you can download the beta server

Docker users can build the server with command
docker build "" --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_CHECKSUM=57fada23d6d7233f6d29b042aca96fa95d962f7e552a91a406d4bbe8fcb786a0 --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_URL= --tag teamspeak:latest --tag teamspeak:3.8 --tag teamspeak:3.8.0-beta1
Please let us know if there are "release related" questions, suggestions in your mind or if have problems with this version.
Here you can leave your feedback and discuss about the release.