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    ftinitupload always returns parameter not found?

    so currently trying to get filetransfer via query working but always when trying to get the ftkey via ftinitupload I always receive an error response.
    I currently try with TeamSpeak Server Version 3.7.1 running via docker on my local windows machine.
    The command i use:

    ftinitupload name=\/icon_2949460685 cid=0 size=245 clientftfid=5648 resume=0 overwrite=1
    error id=1539 msg=parameter\\snot\\sfound
    Is the "parameter not found" response because I miss a parameter or because I have too much?
    As far as the documentation goes I seem to have all the required parameters

    Initializes a file transfer upload. clientftfid is an arbitrary ID to identify the file transfer on client-side. On success, the server generates a new ftkey which is required to start uploading the file through TeamSpeak 3's file transfer interface. Since version 3.0.13 there is an optional proto parameter. The client can request a protocol version with it. Currently only 0 and 1 are supported which only differ in the way they handle some timings. The server will reply which protocol version it will support. The server will reply with an ip parameter if it determines the filetransfer subsystem is not reachable by the ip that is currently being used for the query connection.
    i_ft_needed_file_ upload _power
    ftinitupload clientftfid={clientFileTransferID} name={filePath} cid={channelID} cpw={channelPassword} size={fileSize} overwrite={1|0} resume={1|0} [proto=0-1]
    ftinitupload clientftfid=1 name=\/image.iso cid=5 cpw= size=673460224 overwrite=1 resume=0
    clientftfid=1 serverftfid=6 ftkey=itRNdsIOvcBiBg\/Xj4Ge51ZSrsShHuid port=30033 seekpos=0 proto=0
    error id=0 msg=ok
    am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? (I also tried adding the optional proto parameter)
    Even when I only use ftinitupload i get the same error response

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    alright I just found out that it was somehow my own stupidity, it seems that you need to send the empty cpw= parameter also

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