Recently, since Dec 3028 I have been running into an issue with TS3's client, it freezes my system's USB I/O. Unplugging and plugging devices back into my usb ports doesn't work, even when waiting 2 minutes. Task manager shows that windows isn't frozen and borrowing an older p/s 2 keyboard also show that the freeze is limited to usb devices, as the keyboard works. No error message appears either.

This has happened with a yeti microphone, Razor headset, polk dac usb speakers with 2 different mice and 2 different keyboards. I had this issue with discord & audacity as well but audacity's march 8th update of this year fixed the problem for audacity. I have replaced the motherboard an Asus x99-A ii and the problem has persisted. So this isn't a hardware issue but software. I just updated tS3 to ver 3.2.5 problem still continues.

I am in contact with windows tier 3 support and they are requesting I ask if discord's peer to peer chat and teamspeak 3 use any common application or common resource that could account for the problem?

Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated.

System specs.
TS3 client ver 3.2.5
windows 10 64 bit home ver 1809
Asus x99 - A ii motherboard (bug has persisted across two motherboards as i RMAed the fisrt one)
32 gigs ram corsair 3200mhz
1 tb samsung 850 evo ssd
3 tb WD HDD x2
EVGA FTW GTX 1080 nvidia GPU