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    Typos in russian language

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    This typo in russian locate is here from the day that russian locale from you was implemented in the client
    1. "Просмотреть журнал изменений", not "измненеий"
    2. Also "Show news ticker" translated as "Show news and counter" (what?!)
    Change it to "Показать новостную ленту"
    3. Settings - language - english = every entry in the menu is in english (english is english, russian is russian).
    Changing language to Russian = English becomes Английский, Russian is not changing, should be changed to Русский; English should stay English
    4. "Update channel" in main settings menu translated as "Обновить канал" (the closer meaning is Update your channel!), change it to "Канал обновления" (which is correct meaning, means "The channel for the update"
    5. Same page, same stuff for "Send statistics" - the correct translation is "Отправлять статистику"
    6. MyTeamSpeak settings: "Зайдите в личный кабинет" - means (Go to) Your personal account (right now) - correct it to "Зайти в личный кабинет"
    7. MyTeamSpeak settings page again: Changing something that already exist - Изменение, not Смена, "Change password" - "Изменить пароль", not "Сменить пароль"
    8. Playback settings page: "Mono sound expansion" - expand - расширить, in russian the best match will be "Mono sound transforming" -> "Преобразование монофонического звука" (into)
    9. "Toggle microphone mute" - currently translated as "Connecting (physically) / muting microphone", change it to "Включение / выключение микрофона" - "Enabling / Disabling microphone" is the closest and best meaning
    10. Master list (Ctrl+Shift+B) - its not "Создать каналы", its "Создание каналов". Also FAQ should not be translated into slang like ЧаВО, keep it FAQ. Change the "Загрузить заново" into "Обновить" (in this case means Refresh), shorter button length - better visually. "Применить фильтр" - just keep it "Применить", there is no need to specify that you applying filters.
    11. Also "Master list" - change it to "Публичный список серверов" (List of public servers - correct meaning, because the current one means List of servers (which one? Bookmarked?))

    And that's what i found by just looking at the client! There's more!

    Petition to add transifex for teamspeak 3! And must-do for teamspeak 5!
    Last edited by dante696; April 23rd, 2019 at 07:53 AM. Reason: removed from 3.5.1 release thread. had nothing to do wit that release

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