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    Guets can kick/move Users with no rights


    we have server groups in our TeamSpeak server that don't contain any rights (other than group modify permissions). We recently noticed that users with only Guest rights, which remained mostly unchanged with standard rights, can move users who have one or more server groups that don't have any rights. The temporary Guest server group, which gets replaced by any other server group, doesn't have "i_client_kick_from_server_power" and "i_client_move_power" set.

    To test some different situations I copied the Guest group. A user with Guest (copy) server group set couldn't move someone with groups that don't have any rights.

    If I set "i_client_kick_from_server_power" and "i_client_move_power" to -1 this problem doesn't occur anymore. But then I also have to set every possible "..._power" permission to -1.

    If I update every group to at least Guest permissions this problem wouldn't occur.
    Also I set the Guest (copy) to the Default Server Group, where this one didn't have the problem.

    I know how to fix this problem, I just want to know if this is a bug or if this was intentional and if so then why.

    So why does the same group can't move users with no rights and the other one can, even when both groups have the same permissions 1 to 1 and don't have the necessary "i_client_kick_from_server_power" and "i_client_move_power" set?

    Thank you for reading through my problem
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    That one is not a bug and yes you have to set the power into the groups or else the needed and the power are equal and allow these actions.

    You do not have the problem with Guest group because the needed permissions are set in default setup.

    You set a needed move or kick power in to the groups that is at least one. You can do the opposite with the power itself but we think touching the needed is better so new groups will not be able to interact with existing groups.


    Your both groups do not have the same permission or user in there have different permissions in target channel.
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