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    Using a soundboard or similiar as normal user?

    Hello there,

    Im on a TS-server connected with TFAR to ArmA 3 and I've asking myself how can I make it able to play up sounds and music from my computer per TeamSpeak (or better said in TS) and as a common user without any special permissions?

    Sometimes we're just fooling around with each other and have some fun by playing some music ingame but the problem is I can't set up a common soundbot because I've no permissions and I have no idea about plugins and so Im asking you guys if you can help me out how to get this done to play some music or funny sounds ingame like with maybe a plugin or extra programm maybe.
    As you see I really have no idea about it that's totaly new ground for me '
    But I've seen people do it so it should be somehow possible.

    I mean... using your cellphone as I did before really sucks especially because the soundquality is bad as hell x'D

    I allready googled for it but I found nothing what really fits to my problem... except of I think some plugins only playing allready given sounds.

    I hope you can help me

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    the problem has been revolved... I had to realize that the soundboard I allready had not needs any special permissions and I searched the hole time totally unnecessarily -.-

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