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    Retrieve voice-stream and client-information from TS3


    I'm a software developer for a research project (university) and we are using teamspeak3 for user communication in a distributed simulator-environment. We are writing a software for the simulators which will use speech recognition for writing a log/transcription (speech-to-text).

    Therefore I need to get the voice data and the client-information (who is speaking currently, e.g. client-id, client-username etc.).

    Unfortunately I have no experience with TS3 and it's SDK and APIs.

    What would be the most reasonable way to achieve my goal to get the voice-data/stream and client-information? Should I write a plugin for TS3 (and use the Plugin API) which will collect these data and send it to my application? Is there an other way to retrieve this information and data from the server (TS query?)? Do I need to integrate TS3 with the SDK into my application (but would it be possible to retrieve the voice stream and other information?)?

    I would be happy to get some input and information on this topic.

    Thank you in advance for any help

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    The TeamSpeak SDK (in whose forum you are posting) is not technically comparable and not compatible with the TeamSpeak 3 Client and Server.

    There is no official way to access the voice data stream. This applies not only to TeamSpeak 3 but also the TeamSpeak SDK, as all audio processing is done by the SDK and not your application. You can only record audio by features in the client or your operating system and audio driver. However, note Qint Is Not TeamSpeak!

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    You can get the audio stream through both the SDK and the plugin API in the dedicated callbacks

    Plugins / SDK Client (w/o the ts3plugin_ part):
    SDK Server:
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    I guess this won't be availible for serverqueries or telnet/SSH, will it? (It would simplify a lot my project).
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    Query has no access to voice.

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