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    TS3 server how to set it up so that it is 25% Public and 75% Private - Is it possible


    I would like to setup my TS3 server to be 25% Public (Open) and 75% Private.
    Is this even possible and if so how would I go about doing this?

    I don't want members have to enter a password for either channel or server.


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    You can setup permission groups and tweak your channel permissions regarding subscription and join power so that only specific groups can join these channels and see who is inside. Due to the complexity of TeamSpeak's permission system, this will take some time to dig into but it eliminates the need for passwords.

    Refer to the Permission System sub forum for more information.

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    If you are talking about only allowing public use of 25% of the server slots, you can reserve 75% of the slots. Add private members to a server group that can use reserved slots, but last I looked there was some oddness with this, that being if 25% of the server is in use with private slot users public users still could not connect. But, that may have been fixed since the early betas of TS3 when I saw that behavior.

    Just tested again on my test server (3.8.0-beta1) and users that can use reserved slots still fill the unreserved first. So that is not a good option.

    Best option may still be a server group, but instead have a bot that tracks the number of users in that group and not, and if those not in it exceed a given total number or % of current users, kick that last connected with a clear message. But that would be very annoying to the user getting kicked.

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